He Shines, Despite The Weather

The world shines upon those
who see the sun
that hides behind the clouds
for he knows that warmth
is found within his own heart.
The clouds shelter him from the cold,
the sun will rise
and set as it does
but nothing stops him from living.
The stars may dictate his mood
but only he will see through the storm;
for fate is not destiny,
it is your will.

This Moment in Time

This moment
in time
is all I have.

To forget time
I need to live
even if, just for a second.

So I close my eyes
but all I think of is you
and how I wish I could turn back time.

For a moment there
I thought I did
until you spoke.

I was there
and now you are here
with me.

If we stay still
for just a moment
maybe then time will pass

and the world will quietly slip by.