I tried thinking of the word

I tried thinking of the word,
but none came to mind.

I tried thinking about what to do,
but I had no idea.

I was trying to dream,
but my sleep was too deep.

The moment passes me by,
but my memory couldn’t grasp it.

I tried looking outside for answers,
but it shared no clues.

I closed my eyes,
but there was nothing to see.

I tried thinking out loud,
but I had the wrong tone of voice.

If only the words came out right,
I would understand.


A Homeless Man Window Shopping

I travelled on the bus
this morning
and out the window
I saw
a homeless man

in all hopelessness
that only dirt and grime
can describe
was window shopping
for what I cannot remember.

Staring at a basket of goods
that he would never carry
and like a child outside a candy shop
with awe and wonder
he found

what he was looking for –