For every moment

For every moment
I think I cannot face,
I can.

This ailment
of anticipation
delivers a shadow.

For every day
I think I cannot,
I do.

Contradictions found
where fear lurks
until truth revealed.

For every person
I dare not confront,
I can.

My eyes cannot see
and my thoughts
are no friend.

In every way
I believe I cannot,
I will.

In everything I do
I become,
for nothing to fear

knowing who I am.

A glimpse of you

Looking outside my window,
the world moves
in a chaotic dance
and I thought
I caught a glimpse
of you,
but you’ve always been far away.

And now that you’ve gone
all I have are memories
that turn my days into night
and my dreams into wake.
I lay in bed now,
thinking of you,
and still you move farther away
for me.