Universals & Absolutes

Is it any wonder
the world is in conflict
when we continue to speak
in universals and absolutes,
as if truth was known
and reality was witnessed.
These ultimatums
draw lines in sand,
that need not
divide us.
used irresponsibly
and clinically,
determines right and wrong,
left and right.
and categorised,
we subject ourselves
to walls,
when all we need is
empathy and compassion,
not violence
and intolerence.

My mind drifts

My mind drifts,


to reminisce,

and to predict –


of what is 

to become.

I float

toward this unknown,

waterfalls, lakes, oceans –

new shores to rest upon;

what becomes of me

has little to do 

with the stories I tell,

and everything to do 

with the decisions I make.

My mind drifts,

and if I could,

I would plant myself

but I can’t find my feet

to ground myself;

so I plant new seeds,

leave myself 

to float away,

and begin again

some other day.