Son Light

My son was born,
on a cold Spring day,
rain belted against the ward’s window –
it was bright inside.

Looking into his deep dark blue eyes,
Like first light before sunrise,
So much light to come,
Dawn came with his first yawn.

It was never going to be the same,
I was no longer once a part of someone else,
Someone else was a part of me,
Is there anything closer?

We travelled home,
Bore the brunt of Melbourne’s bi-polar weather –
It was warm in side,
Our son had risen.

With him by my side,
I forgot which way was East,
My circumference was now measured by a different law,
Home was now at arms length.

Lighting up my life,
warming my soul,
opening my eyes,
I see everything now.

His cries and sounds,
music to our ears,
his song and dance,
tuned to our love.

We welcomed him,
This house we can now call home,
This union now a family,
Our future now with you.

So Many Times

So many times,
again and again,
in a constant cycle,
I am back to where I started.

It appears somewhat different,
only subtle nuances make it distinguishable,
yet like all living things,
we are the same despite our individuality.

I walk in a straight line to return to where I started,
thwarted by my inability to progress,
despite the evidence suggesting otherwise,
it is a welcome suspension of disbelief.

How things change to stay the same,
like returning home from a holiday,
all that was once familiar is now foreign
and we spot things we were once blinded to.

I live as I age,
no ending to what felt like a beginning,
so many times I’ll be back,
to tell my tale again.

Bad Decisions

Only one decision away from losing it all,
thought I knew it all,
but I just blew it away.

Got one life to make it work,
this life of many,
I don’t know how many remain.

Could slip up any day,
a matter of time,
before it all catches up with me.

Just one day away from leaving it all,
it didn’t turn out the way I wanted,
but all good things come to an end,

And I only hope – that all bad things don’t last forever.