He Runs…

He runs,
though I do not see him;
with each step he runs farther away,
closer to himself.

He has moved on,
though his mind rests;
thoughts clear like morning fog
as the sun rises,

His vision clears
to see the road ahead;
north, east,
south, west

It does not matter,
there are no intersections,
just a whim,

The wind takes you there –
where else would you want to be?
He’s running,
from nothing,

But towards everything.
Time passes so fast,
why not catch up with it
and befriend it?

He runs,
but I do not see him;
he never stays long,
never dormant,

Never stale,
but always present if you are.
It’s not mind over matter,
or body over mind,

It’s balance –
It’s not a race
for the finish line,

It’s back where he started,
and he will never go back.
He runs,
though I do not see him.

Back to Basics

Let’s get back to basics,
slow down –
how did it get so complicated?

Let’s remember how it all began,
when we had time,
and there was nowhere else to be.

Let’s take a walk and talk,
sift through the past,
and remember who we are.

Go back in time,
to be present,
to be mindful.

It’s nice to stop,
and have nowhere to go –
no one else to be.