A Trip to the Beach

The sea air arouses my senses,
a heightened sense of being
wraps around me
as I look out to sea.

The horizon centres me,
complications simplify,
the trivial dissipate,
as I begin to sink into the sand.

The sun is warm – comforting
as though I had arrived home,
and all my loved ones were there to greet me,
the sea throws itself at the beach to welcome me back.

Time stops – it becomes superficial,
there’s nowhere to go,
no one else to be –
I am ageless here.

I plunge into the waves,
it is cooler than it looks,
I want to stay under water forever,
never surface again.

I exhale when I’m forced to,
resurface to take in more of that sea air.
I feel now this greeting is nearly over,
so I tread-water

to make the most of my time here.

A Water Colour View

I take off my glasses,
so I can see.
Detail and clarity,
and over-rated.
I want to see colour blur
like water colours,
rough edges and soft tones.
Let the landscape blend,
a mix of hues,
imagination with the minds eye –
now I see inward.
I’m looking farther ahead,
and though I see no object,
all becomes clear,
like walking in the dark,
but with a colourful view.

Never Leave You

The sun never leaves,
as I too,
will never leave you.

Farther away at times,
when the wind whips over the hills,
as cold as ice.

Clouds dim the light,
the earth turns its back,
and it will all go black.

But never forever,
Light inevitable,
wading through the dark.

Like time,
and the spin of a wheel,
all revolves back again.

The sun never leaves us
for long, nor the moon,
and neither will I –
ever leave you.