I am sleepless,
this fatigue
allows no relief.

I am weak,
impartial to either
slumber or activity.

I am awake
at ungodly hours,
while the world sleeps.

My thoughts are lucid
at the most
inappropriate times.

I am thinking
when I should
be at rest.

I am sleeping
when I could be

My clock,
is an aberration
of time.

Fear wakes at night,
thoughts I give no quarter during the day,
now weigh heavy.

in this anxiety,
I have forgotten what’s real.

I am sleepless,
I am fatigued,
I am awake

at ungodly hours.

This Mountain

This mountain,
a pastel of colours,
blues, greys, and whites
electrify the sky,
a hue of muted tones
that stain the clouds
and appear born
out of this mountain.

it displaces me,
it is day and night,
dusk and dawn,
all at once,
I am asleep – I am awake,
I am distant – I am present,
within this mountain.

it embraces me,
it surrounds and consumes me,
but reassures –
it encompasses all that I am,
this mountain.

It has been too long,
I am guilty
of amnesia,
of turning my back
from where I came,
how quick memories
flood back,
as I walk on this mountain.

The blue overtones,
the pastel paints,
the white clouds
that make up this mountain,
consume me,
my fears blend into the scene,
crippling once powerful emotions,
into sidelined after-thoughts.

This mountain,
forgives me,
accepts me,
it is compassion,
it is my rock.
I am here,
I have become,
and I am home,
on top of this mountain.