A Grey Day

It is a grey day,
no colour,
no light.

It is overcast,
at the behest of winter,
it is bleak.

There is no life,
no rain,
no wind.

It is dull,
people mope,
it is sad.

and boring.

We wait,
for the sun to shine,
or for the clouds to burst.

patience is wearing thin.

Day after day,
there is no relief,
of winter’s monotonous personality.

No colour,
no light,
it is a grey day.

Love Waiting

Time is found,
when others are late,
golden moments,
that clear your head.
Don’t distract yourself,
or get worked up,
for waiting
is like buying time.
Savour these minutes,
enjoy the spare time,
so give thanks to those who are late,
it is a priceless gift.
Don’t run to your next appointment,
be late,
for he who is waiting,
will thank you for the time you gave.