Time Regrettable

I waste so much time,
unaware until it’s gone;

Paralysed by thought,
finite and out of sight;

I grew old when I was young,
out of time before I began;

Time wasted on regrets,
and unfulfilled dreams;

What could have been – wasn’t,
and what was – shouldn’t have been.

Tight ropes and balancing acts,
no cushion could ease this blow.

The weight of knowing trips me,
when memory mocks ambition

And staggers progress
for want of more of the same.

Lazy Mind

Afflicted by the assurance
of tomorrow,
begets the experience,
sterilises potential,
and starves us of possibility.

All that has occurred,
will again and again.
Such a premise – not hope,
but complacency,
and reason to justify the past.

Today will always be
the moment you’ve been waiting for.
Time exists at no other time,
than the present –
oh, how the lazy mind
gets us every time!

TIme Will Tell You Otherwise

Time is good you see?
time infuses tea.

As flavour is to wait,
age is to fate.

Love blossoms in time,
as does the mind.

Time sees out pain,
for nothing stays the same.

Wisdom comes with age,
with each turn of the page.

Look back and take a peek,
memory is such a sneak.

Youth be the embodiment of life?
Time will tell you otherwise.