A Trip to the Beach

The sea air arouses my senses,
a heightened sense of being
wraps around me
as I look out to sea.

The horizon centres me,
complications simplify,
the trivial dissipate,
as I begin to sink into the sand.

The sun is warm – comforting
as though I had arrived home,
and all my loved ones were there to greet me,
the sea throws itself at the beach to welcome me back.

Time stops – it becomes superficial,
there’s nowhere to go,
no one else to be –
I am ageless here.

I plunge into the waves,
it is cooler than it looks,
I want to stay under water forever,
never surface again.

I exhale when I’m forced to,
resurface to take in more of that sea air.
I feel now this greeting is nearly over,
so I tread-water

to make the most of my time here.

Afternoon Sun

The afternoon sun,
is beaming through my window –
things are looking up.

It’s summer,
and I’m feeling alright,
because of this afternoon sun.

It’s leading me down a road,
I’ve never been down before,
yet I know I can trust.

For the afternoon sun,
like a blanket,
warm on a cold night.

There’s nothing better,
no other place I’d rather be,
can’t think of anywhere I need to be.

There is no conflict,
only peace,
a quite that can’t be disturbed.

The afternoon sun,
on a Sunday afternoon,
drifts me to sleep,

and I dream so sweet.