Just A Second

It takes just a second,
to reflect;
one minute,
to change.

One breath,
to stop everything;
one word,
to start singing.

With a blink of the eye,
you could miss it;
close your eyes,
you’ll see it.

It takes just one step,
to move;
one after the other,
be on your way.

With just a small amount of space,
you’ll find your ground;
in a finite world,
anything’s possible.

Make a decision,
take a chance;
life’s a series of accidents –
win and lose!

The Meaning of Words

I know the meaning of words,
but I can’t define them.

I know why I love you,
but I can’t find the words.

I could sum up my life with one word,
if only I could remember it.

I would dance with you,
if I knew which steps to take.

I would lay with you,
if I knew which side you preferred.

I would wake up by your side,
if I could sleep through the night.

I would fantasise with you forever,
if only I could dream.

I thought I knew the meaning of words
– but I’ve changed!

And all the books I’ve read,
no longer read the same.


The sensation has vanished,

touch no longer has a hand;

connection is diminished,

I now understand.


Eyes have become the vehicle,

that steer us to blindness;

we’ve forgotten how to ride the bicycle,

to our own divineness.


Senses are secondary,

with a life surrounded by objects;

stimulation is primary,

and we are the prime suspects.


Expression is compromised,

our hearts no longer dictate;

our interests sterilised,

our voice a touch too late.


Slow to smell the roses,

fresh sweet perfume;

but time is wasted on social poses,

and we are unable to resume.


Life is a mirror,

our reflection today’s picture;

what I am I struggle to deliver,

and taste the sweet nectar.