Looking Down

I’ve been looking down,
not knowing where I’m going,
or what’s coming my way,
too scared to look,
too afraid to risk it.

I’ve been lost in thought,
dreaming and unaware,
I see my footprints,
but I’m not going anywhere,
yet I see your shadow.

I’m building a rhythm that I can’t sustain,
my heart beats faster,
my pulse trying to keep up,
each beat like a drum,
ringing in my ear.

I hear a voice,
don’t know where its coming from,
I feel you near,
the sense of you makes me shiver,
like a chill in the air.

I’m too close to the tree to see the forest,
I’m too far in my own head to see the man,
have I become a slave to my mind?
You can’t talk to same person for the rest of your life,
without some kind of fall out.

Now I can’t walk a straight line,
I’m wondering, I’m wavering, I’m faltering,
and its a struggle to keep my balance;
what to grasp when you’re blind?
what to scream when you’ve lost your voice?


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