We are storytellers,
drawing conclusions
from an assumed reality,
connecting dots from random characters,
who like to talk back.

We are fortune tellers,
predicting tomorrow,
with an over zealous confidence
that is prejudiced
and a caricature of yesterday.

Yet still, we are storytellers
filing our words under non-fiction,
where truth is reality,
dreams are dishonest,
and words are as dogmatic
as our thoughts

that we don’t know where they came from,
nor where they belong.

5 thoughts on “Storytellers”

    1. Thanks Maja. Its an interesting concept isn’t. It’s something we don’t often think about, but we tell ourselves little stories every day to justify our actions, interpret our environment or deal with uncertainty. This no doubt stems from our instinct for survival, but if we are not aware of it, we can quickly fall victim of creating a false reality.


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