Lazy Mind

Afflicted by the assurance
of tomorrow,
begets the experience,
sterilises potential,
and starves us of possibility.

All that has occurred,
will again and again.
Such a premise – not hope,
but complacency,
and reason to justify the past.

Today will always be
the moment you’ve been waiting for.
Time exists at no other time,
than the present –
oh, how the lazy mind
gets us every time!

Back to Basics

Let’s get back to basics,
slow down –
how did it get so complicated?

Let’s remember how it all began,
when we had time,
and there was nowhere else to be.

Let’s take a walk and talk,
sift through the past,
and remember who we are.

Go back in time,
to be present,
to be mindful.

It’s nice to stop,
and have nowhere to go –
no one else to be.